PI Server

PI Data Archive Stores your time series data so that it can be viewed by everyone who needs it.
PI Asset Framework Provides the framework for organizing your data. It includes configurable analytics and Event Frames.
Event Frames Store important process or business time periods that represent something happening and impacting your process or operations.
Notifications Allows you to be alerted when specified conditions are met.
PI System Directory PI System Directory is an inventory tool that enables you to view automatically discovered information about OSIsoft server and data collection software installed in your environment.
PI ACE Allows you to run sophisticated analytics on your PI data using programmatic calculations.
PI Server Tools and Utilities Includes PI System Management Tools, PI System Explorer, PI Collective Manager, PI Builder, PI AuditViewer, and PI Module Database Builder.

The PI Server is the heart of the PI System. It collects, stores, and organizes data from all your data sources, providing a powerful and flexible information infrastructure for your organization. The PI Server also includes sophisticated tools for analytics, alerts, and auditing. You can connect the PI Server to almost any existing automation, lab, or information system. Operators, engineers, managers, and other plant personnel use a variety of client applications to connect to the PI Server to view data stored in the PI Server or in external data archive systems. The PI Server is a suite of products.